Paragliding wrench

This paragliding keyring is more than a marketing item

Quick Links are commonly used in paragliding gear. Different sizes and shapes are applied in different places. They have a tendency to loosen up from time to time and it is a common situation when paraglider is looking for pliers or using a multitool just before his flight. Unfortunate tree landing is another situation when one may need paragliding wrench. Multitools are quite expensive and both multitools and pliers are heavy and big. Quick Links Kit is the solution – This is a perfect marketing item as well.

What do Paragliders get?

It is a safety issue! Paragliding wrench is:

  • Handy during a routine check of delta quick links tightness. They tend to loosen up from time to time.
  • Useful while removing glider from a tree. It is much easier when delta quick links are unshackled on one side.
  • Useful in the event of extreme tangled suspension lines.
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What do Distributors get?

It is a powerful marketing item!

  • Reliable, cheap, personalized item.
  • High quality merchandise.
  • Shelf-ready packaging.
  • Gratitude of your Clients. They will know that you mind their safety.

Paragliding wrench past creations

Some Tech Specs

Ready to adjust quick links used for:

  • Lines to risers connection
  • Lines to acceleration connection
  • Ripcord to risers connection
  • Reserve parachute to ripcord connection
Quick Links Kit is to cover all those and more in one handy cost effective tool.

Custom Development

We are ready for custom development from the day one. If you are not sure which option fits you best, just let us know that you are interested.